Product Description

The Boom-Buddy enables single man crews and Sound Recordists to use a microphone boom on a lighting stand.

Fast set up time and less kit to carry.

With the Boom-Buddy, your microphone boom pole is gently held in the cradle with no clamping mechanism to cause damage. Boom-Buddy eliminates operator fatigue during long interviews etc.


Product Highlights

  • The boom can be fitted into the Boom-Buddy in seconds without the need to re-rig
  • Lightweight all-in-one design
  • Any lighting stand with a 16mm spigot can be used or a conventional mic stand
  • Easy to use
  • Non-slip clutch system


Product Description

No more aching arms, the Boom-Swinger takes the weight of the mic boom whilst still allowing the operator to move in and out of the action and rotate the mic even whilst using the mixer.

By using another mic boom as the support, the Boom-Swinger is an invaluable aid for those long interviews and drama sequences.

Designed for use with booms of 19mm diameter or more at the point of pivot. The main boom is supported between two precision ground nitrile spheres which rotate as the boom is twisted.

Boom-Swinger boom-swinger

Product Highlights

  • Takes the weight of the boom
  • Allows the operator to rotate the mic
  • Use the boom single handed so the mixer can still be used
  • Seamless nitrile spheres gently support the boom
Happy Customers

User Reviews

Save Your Body!

Two big thumbs up to both the Boom-Swinger and the Boom-Buddy here at Sound Speeds.

Sound Speeds Video Review on YouTube

Allen Williams, USA - Sound Speeds


We received the Boom-Buddy 24 hours before an important filming job and have been thrilled by the results. It's a great product and we thoroughly recommend it, it's worth every penny"

Glen - Creative Director, UK

Clever design

Mounting your boom pole onto the Boom-Buddy is as easy as ABC and takes all of 3 seconds. This is down to the clever design; in my opinion it deserves an award.

Nigel - DV User Magazine

Better than expected

I just received the Boom-Buddy today. Thank you so much it is even better than I expected.

Derek - Sound Recordist, San Francisco

Saves carrying gear

The great thing about Boom-Buddy is it that it saves carrying gear. It looks neat and replace and surpasses a lazy arm. I like the idea of being able to angle the boom, something you can’t do with a clamp.

Nick – Sound Recordist, UK


Congratulations are due for a well thought out product. I’ve rationalised my sound kit to allow me to use my motorbike for work. Eliminating the need for a lazy arm has been fundamental to this. The extra height and reach is a great advantage too.

Simon - Sound Recordist, UK

Quick and easy to use

Boom-Buddy is the ideal solution for us since it’s very affordable, quick and easy to use.

Katy - Smartbox, Portugal

Where To Buy

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